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Plaza de Mayo

Previously known as Plaza de la Victoria. The Plaza de Mayo is located in the “porteño” neighborhood of Monserrat.

Surrounded by:

  • North: Av. Rivadavia
  • South: Hipólito Irigoyen
  • East: Balcarce
  • West: Bolívar

From Plaza de Mayo, three important avenues start:

  • Av. Pte. Roque Sáenz Peña [Diagonal Norte]
  • Av. de Mayo
  • Av. Pte. Julio A. Roca [Diagonal Sur]

Center of important historical events, the Plaza de Mayo was declared National Historical Place on June 9, 1942.  It was created in the year 1580. In its center there is the Pirámide de Mayo (May pyramid), built in the year 1811 remembering the first anniversary of the May Revolution. Up to the year 1661, this land was occupied by the jesuits. In 1810, the Plaza de Mayo witnessed the Revolution at the Cabildo of Buenos Aires, and in 1854  witnessed the public sworn of the National Constitution. In 1900, Carlos Thays designed the park of the Plaza de Mayo with palm trees brought from Río de Janeiro. Located in the City of Buenos Aires, known as the Paris of South America. The tourist, at first sight, will be able to easily recognize this comparison, just by looking at its architecture. Specially, downtown and Avenida de Mayo, witnesses of its glorious past. The surroundings of the square, show a variety of buildings and monuments, worth to be visited.

Plaza de Mayo