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Buenos Aires Obelisc was built for the fourth Century of the first Foundation of Buenos Aires in 1936. Located in the Plaza de la República, where there was a church dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Bari. There the first Argentinian flag was officially raised in 1812 in the city of Buenos Aires. The architect Alberto Prebisch was in charge of the design of the obelisc, and its construction was carried out by a german construction company. The obelisc was built with 157 workers in a record time of 31 days (20/03/1936 - 23/05/1936), accomplishing in this way the icon of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Its hight up to the appendix (3.5mts x 3.5mts) is of 63 meters. Its total hight is of 67.5 meters with a 6.80mts base by side. On its west side there is the only access through a door that leads to a straight stairs of 206 steps that leads up to the top, with 7 rests each 8mts and one at 6mts.

Writings on the obelisc:

North Side West Side South Side East Side
In this place, in the San Nicolas de Bari tower the National Flag was first raised, on August XXIII, MDCCCXII Federal Capital Law issued by the National Congress on September XX,
MDCCCLXXX at President Nicolás Avellaneda’s request. Decree of President Julio A. Roca December VI, MDCCCLXXX
Second Foundation by Juan de Garay June XI, MDLXXX. Buenos Aires to the República
On the IV Centenial of the foundation of the city by Don Pedro de Mendoza. February II, MDXXXVI

Baldomero Fernández Moreno’s poem written on the South side

On the base that looks onto the South side, there is a small rectangle with the inscription of a sonnet written by Baldomero Fernández Moreno. This sonnet was written, as it has been told, on a napkin during a dinner at the Alvear Palace Hotel, in honor of Presbich, and given to Moreno’s wife.

The Obelisc

¿Where had the city kept
this refulgent silver sword
suddenly unsheathed
and to the blue skies pointed?

Now the sight can be raised up
tired of being creeping and penitent
stone up towards the omnipotent Sun
and descends full of spirit.

Moon ray or large tear of wind
in solidified symbol and index
monument, pumper, flame, palmer.

The star up and the sparkle down,
that the idea, the illusion and the work
go around your feet, reel.