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Florida Street

In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, at the intersection of the Avenida Rivadavia, the pedestrian Florida Street starts, running up to the Plaza General San Martín. It is the most important commercial Street of Argentina. At the beginning, after the foundation of Buenos Aires, it represented a primitive path running up from the river.

History of the Name

  • San José, its first oficial name, in 1734.
  • Del Correo, at the beginning of  XIX century.
  • Del Empedrado, Stone pavemented since 1789 with stones brought from  Montevideo.
  • Baltasar Unquera, after the english invastions, in 1808.
  • De la Florida, in 1821 recalling the Florida Battle.
  • Del Alto Perú, in 1837; and in 1857 it was renamed with the present nomination.

In Florida and the present Juan Domingo Perón Street (former Cangallo St.) in 1813, the Argentine National Hymn was sang for the first time at Mariquita Sánchez de Thompson’s house.

In 1872 it became a commercial street. Drugstores, furniture stores and jewelry stores with the latest designs from Europe settled down in the street. In 1889 at its  intersection with the Cordoba Ave., at thel Jardín Florida (Florida Garden) the Unión Cívica de la Juventud, antecedent of the Park Revolution of 1890. The trolley started running on the Florida Street by the end of XIX Century.

Florida Street