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Iglesias de Monserrat

Catedral Metropolitana

  • Type: Church
  • Advocation: San Ignacio
  • Location: Bolívar 225 corner Alsina 520
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Diocese: Archidiocese of Buenos Aires
  • Order: Compañía de Jesús
  • Construction: XVII Century

It is the oldest church preserved in Buenos Aires, and is part of the Manzana de las Luces.


  • 1608 The first Jesuits arrive in Buenos Aires.
  • At the present Plaza de Mayo, in a primitive construction of adobe with roofs of reed, the first church and school were built, originallu called Nuestra Señora de Loreto.
  • 1610 After beatification of Ignacio de Loyola it was given the name of San Ignacio.
  • 1661 Doña Isabel Carvajal donates to the Compañía de Jesús the block bounded by current streets Perú, Bolívar, Alsina and Moreno, where they move for reasons of security and defence of the Fort of Buenos Aires.
  • 1675 Construction of the second church, also of adobe, is completed.
  • 1686 Building of South tower is begun, together with the front walls of the present Church with bricks produced in the first fumace of Buenos Aires.
  • 1712 Construction begins, the jesuit Juan Krauss is in charge of the present Church while preserving the South Tower and the original front Wall.
  • 1722 San Ignacio Church Inauguration.
  • 1734 Consecration of the Temple.
  • 1806 Mass for Buenos Aires Reconquest.
  • 1807 It Works as a bastion in the defense before English Invasions.
  • 1821 Inauguration of University of Buenos Aires.
  • 1823 Inauguration of Charity Society.

San Juan Bautista Church

  • Type: Church
  • Advocation: San Juan Bautista
  • Location: Alsina 824 corner Piedras
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Diocese: Archidiocese of Buenos Aires
  • Order: Reverendos Padres Bayonese
  • Construction: XVII Century

Even the private chapel where the Capuchin Clares Heard mass is preserved. Under the choir there is a crypt containing the toms of two hundred nuns.

It is traditional in the Church of San Juan. Everyday, numerous faithful go to venerate the image of Nazaren, taking flowers as a gift.

The Church of San Juan Bautista is currently the Provincial House of the Fathers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Betharram for Argentina and Uruguay.


  • 1654 The early Church is built under the sponsorship of Ilmo Christopher de la Mancha Fray and Velazco.
  • 1719 The new temple is built using the remains of the early Church.
  • 1769 It was completely rebuilt, being demolished in 1778.
  • 1797 Date of its current construction, functioning as a Indians Curato Church.
  • 1747 It becomes part of the Capuchin Clares nuns Convent.
  • 1806/1807 Under the "Patio de la Reconquista" the combatants of the English Invasions are buried, both creole and english.
  • 1895 Facade is designed and carried out.

Basílica de Nuestra Sra. del Rosario and Convento de Santo Domingo - Late XVIII Century

  • Type: Basílica
  • Advocation: Nuestra Señora del Rosario (formerly Convent of Santo Domingo)
  • Location: Defensa 422
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Diocese: Arquidiocese of Buenos Aires
  • Order: Friars Preachers
  • Construction: XVII century

The church consists of three naves, the central one with a vault and a dome on the cruise. In the side chapels alterpieces from XVIII and XIX centuries remain. There flags taken from the English during the second invasión are kept, when they occupied the Church. It was evicted after hard fighting. One can still see bullet marks in the left tower.


  • At the beginning of the XVII century, the Order of the Preachers Dominicans settles down, and at the beginning of the XVIII century they do it in the block where nowadays are the church and the convent.
  • 1751 According architect Francisco Masella’s plans, the building of the present temple began, replacing the primitive constructions.
  • 1783 The Church was consecrated.
  • 1897 The General Manuel Belgrano Mausoleum is built.
  • XX Century, the Church was promoted to the Rank of Basilica, under the advocation of Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary).

Basílica de San Francisco de Asís and San Roque Chapel

  • Type: Basilica
  • Advocation: Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Formerly Convent of Santo Domingo)
  • Location: Alsina 380
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Diocese: Archidiocese of Buenos Aires
  • Order: Secular Franciscans
  • Construction: XVIII Century

The facades, especially the main one, are very elaborate, highlighting the towers, atrium bars and the cover, and the dome. The Church is of a single nave, very elongated, slightly deep and presbytery with a straight front. The dome rises on a high octagonal drum.

The right altar of the cruise is the only original one; the ones of the aísles are of 1911. It was one of the most affected churches in June 1955, when they main altar was destroyed.


  • 1583 The order of Friars Minors (Franciscans) was the one to settle down in Buenos Aires.
  • Juan de Garay granted them the block where the present Basilica is located.
  • XVII century, building of the first church.
  • 1731 construction of the current building started, according a Project of Jesuit Architect Andrés Blanqui.
  • 1754 Opening of the temple.
  • 1807 Collapse of the facade, rebuilt a few years later by Tomás Toribio.
  • 1829 Buenos Aires Governor, Mr. Manuel Dorrego is deposed in the atrium of the adjacent convent.
  • 1911 The Basilica acquires its present image.

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Monserrat

  • Type: Parish
  • Advocation: Nuestra Señora de Monserrat
  • Location: Belgrano Ave. 1151
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Diocese: Archdiocese of Buenos Aires
  • Order: Brotherhood of our Lady of Monserrat
  • Construction: XVIII century

The Church Nuestra Señora de Monserrat gave the neighborhood its name: MONTSERRAT or MONSERRAT.

The building, clear italian exponent, has on the facade a portico of four columns, flanked by two towers of three bodies that finish off in two spires lined with Pas-de-Calais tiles. The central nave has a cover, and on the cruise, a dome covered with Pas-de-Calais tiles.


  • 1755 The Brotherhood of Nuestra Señora de Monserrat is created, whose cult was set up in the Río de la Plata by catalan influence.
  • 1756 The Architect Antonio Masella,plans to build a church.
  • 1769 With adobe briks, lime bleached, and with a cemetery annexed, the Church is declared parish.
  • 1865 A larger church than the original one was inaugurated.

Mater Misericordia Church

  • Type: Church
  • Advocation: Mater Misericordia
  • Location: Moreno 1669
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Diocese: Archidiocese of Buenos Aires
  • Order: Salesian
  • Construction: XIX century


  • 1870 Under the direction of architect Emilio Rossetti, construction work of this italian church are concluded.
  • 1875 December, the first ten Salesians sent by Don Bosco, arrive in the Argentine Republic.

Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Rábida

  • Type: Parish
  • Advocation: Nuestra Señora de la Rábida
  • Location: Belgrano Ave. 1602, corner of Saenz Peña
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Diocese: Archidiocese of Buenos Aires
  • Order: Salesian
  • Construction: XIX century


Its origin is associated with the celebration of the fifth centenary of America’s evangelization. Under the advocation of Our Lady of la Rábida, in honor to the convent under her name in the region of Huelva (Spain), where Christopher Columbus asked the Virgin for protection for his historical gesta, before leaving on August 3, 1492 towards the New World.

Its architectural style is of simple and sober lines. The altar is orientated right, following the Sun, and ends in a garden surrounded by cypresses.

  • 1987 Foundation of the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Rábida, one of the newest parishes of the autonomous City of Buenos Aires.