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Buenos Aires Cathedral

The Metropolitan Church of the Santísima Trinidad of Buenos Aires was declared Cathedral in 1836, and is the main catholic temple of Argentina.

The present building is the sixth one built in the place where Juan de Garay designed the city in 1580.

The fifth of the temples was built in 1682, but after collapses, repairs and demolitions, in 1752, the building of a new temple is assigned to Antonio Masella, who finishes the work in 1791, just as we know its interior nowadays.

The Buenos Aires Cathedral present facade was designed in 1822 by the french Próspero Catelin and the ornamentation of the frontispiece, between 1860 and 1863 by José Dubourdieu.

In its interior among other works, the following are preserved:

  • Mausoleo del General San Martín, work of the sculptor Albert Carrier-Belleuse, on the right side of the central aisle, in the fourth chapel.
  • In the main altar, Isidro de Lorea’s work, its ornamentation denounces its Churrigueresc style.
  • The set of chairs of the presbytery.
  • The religious images of the Virgen de los Dolores, in the Chapel dedicated to her advocation ( left side of the main altar)
  • The Santo Cristo de Buenos Aires, XVII century work done in polichromed carob wood.
  • In the San Martín de Tours Chapel (on the left aisle) there is the monument on the honor of the Archbishop León Federico Aneiros, a mausoleum made of Carrara marble and stone, work of sculptor Víctor de Pol.
  • Fourthteen Via Crucis paintings, work of Francesco Domenighini.
  • The floor was designed in 1907, by Carlo Morra, and fabricated in England in venetian mosaic.
  • Christ image of the Great Love. With which every year, on Good Friday, a via crucis is carried on. Done by Luis Alvarez Duarte, on the year 1981.

The Metropolitan Cathedral has 12 corinthian columns , representing the 12 apostles, and five aisles.

Its style diversity ranges from baroque to romantic; and its area is a round 3000 square feet.

This Cathedral, although being the most ancient temple of the city, was declared historic monument on May 21, 1942.

Buenos Aires Cathedral